1. Lullaby

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LULLABY~Warner 3:39
Drums- David Taylor
Upright Bass-Dave Hendrickson
Electric Guitars- Bobby Lewis
Acoustic Guitar, keyboards, and percussion- Gia Warner
Background vocals- Greg C. Brown and Gia Warner


Lullaby- Warner

Dreams come true
So while your wishin’
Go on...ask for you
See God is listening
And a miracle can happen
Maybe for two

Love realized
Our shadows sewn together
C’mon make it real
Lets walk into the sunlight laughing
Me and you…a miracle has happened
Dreams come true

My heart and Soul belong to you
As we walk this life together
We’ve bound our love long last forever
True love leaves you- never

I can’t believe
What I’m feelin’
When you’re holding me
Let the world melt away
Just me and you
Dreams they can come true

When you pull me near
Your tender kisses tell me
What I long to hear
Love it’s really happening
A dream come true
My miracle is you