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SAY YOU WILL~ Warner 4:32
*Duet With Terrance Burns and other members of the Corktown Popes
Drums- David Taylor
Upright Bass- Dave Hendrickson
Organ- Jimmie Bones
*Accordion- Paul Goodmen
*Penny Whistle- Jason Kuehn
Acoustic Guitar and keyboard- Gia Warner


Copyright 2013 Gia Warner
You tell me, all will be well
It will work out- I’ll see
You have no doubt about my love
But I just can’t believe it

I’d never thought- we’d be here
Looking back on all those years
We could have shared
If my pride had only let me

Say you- Say you will
Give all your love to me
Say you will- don’t say no
There’s a chance for us to be, love
Say you won’t- won’t let go
Hold on to me this time
Say you will- say you will
Finally be mine

We face each other mending hearts
Piece by piece we place the parts
We took with us when we left
Each other long ago

I see your face in this hazy light
This may be all you can give tonight
Before I give up on this fight
I’ll keep holding on to you


You brush the hair back from my eyes
Kiss me once-kiss me twice
3 times a charm
I’m barely holding on- can’t you see?

…say you will…