1. Why Now

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WHY NOW~ Warner 4:39
Drums- David Taylor
Bass- Dave Hendrickson
Electric Guitars- Pete Peltier
Acoustic Guitars, Piano, Strings, and percussion- Gia Warner
Violin- Sonia Lee
Background Vocals - Greg C. Brown, Gia Warner, and Beth Griffith


Copyright 2013 Gia Warner
When you said that you just didn’t feel the same
How you turned and then you walked away
Expecting me to just forget
Haven’t been able to do that yet

Now after you come back and make me feel
Show me how this love is really real
Do you tell me baby let’s step back
And maybe see what happens next
(Pre 1)
Now I get to feel you pull away- and I’m your fool
For ever letting you back in- and loving you

Why now
Safe from heartbreak finding me
Do you come round reminding me
Of all the things that we could be

Why now
With those memories all locked away
Do you bring the key back opening
My heart again for all to see
The love we know could never be…..

It’s the same time and time again
He chases me, you know he likes to win
It’s the staying he has trouble with
I wish I could get over it

When he comes to me I’m full of light
Happiness it doesn’t quite describe it
This peacefulness I feel inside
This weakness that I just can’t hide

(Pre 2)
Pledging love and stealing kisses-boy I’m your fool
In my dreams and in my wishes…lovin’ you


….The love we know could never be………