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THIS IS THE LAST TIME~ Warner/Mendenhall 4:00
*Bass and drum tracks recorded by Michael King
at Mission Studio’s, Birmingham, Mi.
Drums- David Taylor
Bass- Nolan Mendenhall
Electric Guitars- Bobby Lewis
Organ- Jimmie Bones
Acoustic Guitar and Percussion- Gia Warner
Background Vocals - Greg C. Brown, Gia Warner, and Beth Griffith


Another Gray Morning
When it rains on forever
Was it me who said Never-Never be apart
But time has a way of changing
Your love when you’re not looking
It hands you a broken promise
While it steals your heart…
And this is the last time

I’ve got my hands in my pockets
My dreams in my suitcase
I’ve got my memories in my heart
The ones that I cannot erase
I’ve got a one-way ticket
Far away from this heartache
I can’t say that we were wrong
‘cus it’s all we’ve ever known

And this is the last time
Used up all our next times
Waiting for sometime
That would never be
Sorry baby, this is the last time…

So I stand here waiting
My heart is open wide
There’s a smile on my face
But it tears me up inside
‘cause times got a way of changing
your love when your not looking baby
it hands you a broken promise
while it steals your heart
while it breaks your heart
while it tears your world apart….

…. Sorry Baby, but this is the last time…for me.