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Drums-David Taylor
Bass-Dave Hendrickson
Electric Guitars- Pete Peltier
Acoustic Guitar, all keyboards, and percussion- Gia Warner
Background Vocals- Greg C. Brown and Beth Griffith


LET ME LOVE YOU- Copyright Gia Warner 2013
Baby lay your head down -here on me
Close your eyes I’ll soothe your mind-you’ll see
Stay the night in my arms- you will sleep
But you won’t stay-so I watch you walk away

I know that I’ve hurt you-made you feel unsafe
But I’d like the chance to show you baby how I’ve changed
To prove my love and show what you mean to me
But you won’t stay- so I watch you leave

If you’d only let me
We could be so happy
Hold your love in my heart
Hold you here in my arms
Baby, please just say it
Let it go and make up
We could be so happy
If you’d only- let me love you

So I take the pictures down from the wall
Sometimes love is not enough- but I gave it my all
I tell myself to please stop crying
Please stop trying- when loving you- is all I know