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  1. No Faith

From the recording LOVE

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NO FAITH~ Warner 3:37
Drums-David Taylor
Bass-Dave Hendrickson
Electric Guitars-Pete Peltier
Acoustic Guitar, all keyboards, and percussion-Gia Warner
Background Vocals - Greg C. Brown, Gia Warner, and Beth Griffith


NO FAITH- Warner

I don’t have any faith- I don’t
You say I have to wait-I won’t
You took it all away- my hope
Sinkin’ down, a little bit further

Your love like water-rushin’ over me
I breathe in- I just wanna let it go
Then you pull me out again
I don’t have any faith- I don’t

You say you love me- everything seems to be so sweet
You break your word again- while you swear you’re there for me
I break down- wonderin’
Why this keeps happenin’- to me
I just can’t believe it


Here I am- alone again
Oh how we used to be
You with me all the time- crazy blissfully
Back then- in the summertime
Happiness online- but now it seems
You’re not feelin’ me- no



Chorus 2x…..out